Research and

The Science Behind the Technology

Because regular concrete is dense and brittle it maintains its compressive strength but it responds poorly to intense shock and extreme energy like that of an explosion, bullets or materials being hurled at it from a storm.
The goal was to find a product that possessed both great strength as well as the ability to absorb and dissipate energy.


If we absorb too much energy it is impossible to maintain a high enough compressive strength to act as a building material at the thicknesses the industry prefers so a careful balance of ingredients are introduced until we can repeatedly reach optimal compressive strength of 4,500 psi.


Since we were creating a building material that falls into the category of an Ultra High Performance Concrete we needed to test both the absorption properties as well as its ability to be poured in the field under a variety of conditions and still maintain those properties. It took us over a year and 47 mix designs to reach a product that met those standards.


The real science behind this product comes from the use of specialized fibers and chemicals that allow us to trap air in a way that distributes it evenly and allows the fibers to act as shock absorption while the air allows enough energy to be dissipated throughout the structure leaving the building without damage and the people and property inside safe and protected.